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The Yakuza members

The Yakuza is an organized crime syndicate in the Japanese Empire.


The Yakuza, (also known as gokudō), refer to a criminal gang network that operate in Japan. Like the American mafia, they are not one entity, but rather splintered off factions of gangs that operate with their own rulers, but submit to one leader. Their financial gains come mostly from black-market operations, like gambling and prostitution, but their influence has been seen in high-ranking political affairs. A prime real world example would be the former crime boss Yoshio Kodama, who was paid by the Japanese government to smuggle war supplies out of Asia and into Japan during the post-WW2 era. 

In The Man In The High Castle, the Yazuka are a controlling and feared force in both the Japanese Empire and The Pacific States of America, but
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Yakuza members inspect the destroyed remnants of Hawthorne Abendsen's films.

operate under the eye of the superior Kempetai. In Season 2 Episode 2 "The Road Less Traveled", Robert Childan and Frank Frink are taken to San Francisco-faction Yakuza leader Taishi Okamura, where they are forced to create fake forgeries of jewlery to pay off a debt owed to them. He, along with other members of the Yakuza, are killed in a Kempetai raid led by Chief Inspector Kido in Season 2 Episode 7 "Land O' Smiles", after his dealings with the Greater Nazi Reich are uncovered. 

Known Members