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Obergruppenführer John Smith celebrates VA Day with family and friends.

Victory over America Day, or simply VA Day, is the day on which the Nazi and Japanese forces "liberated" the United States of America.


Celebrated every September 18th, VA Day replaces the 4th of July, which is no longer celebrated in Nazi America or the Japanese Pacific States, as part of the Greater Nazi Reich and the Japanese Empire's efforts to smother any remembrance of the former United States and its traditions.

With the capture and execution of the last of the American Resistance, who had managed to resist for almost two years after the United States of America surrendered in 1945, Adolf Hitler declared the holiday on September 18th of 1947. With the official defeat of the Resistance, no force was left to oppose the Nazi and Japanese stranglehold on the world, and marked the end of the second World War with an Axis victory.

Notes & Trivia

  • The holiday is a play on the real-world "Victory in Europe Day" or "VE Day", which celebrates the defeat of the Nazi forces in the European Theatre.