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"Truth" is the seventh episode of Season One of The Man in the High Castle, and the seventh episode of the series overall. This episode, along with the rest of the season, was made available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video on November 20th, 2015.


Juliana makes a startling discovery about her sister's death. Frank reflects on recent events and makes an important decision about his future, and Tagomi gains greater insight into Juliana's past.


Smith catches Joe in his home office and interrogates him about Juliana and Canon City . He tells Joe that although he knew that Joe was lying to him, he had hoped that he was wrong. Holding up a sketch of Juliana, he demands that Joe tells him who she is. Frank returns from Laura's funeral and Juliana apologises once again. He explains to Juliana the plan he had created to assassinate the Japanese prince but tells her that when he made eye contact with a little Japanese boy, he reflected and decided to stop himself.

Back at Smith's home office, Joe talks about helping cover for Juliana when she killed the SD agent. He deflects Smith's question when he asks if he loves her, and when he confesses that Juliana is alive, Smith opens the door to reveal an agent dressed in uniform.

In the morning, Juliana receives a phone call from Arnold asking her to come by and see her mother. Juliana tells Frank that she knows that Arnold is working with the Japanese. Frank tells her to be careful.

Smith tells Joe to use their "budding romance" as leverage for the Fatherland and tells him that if he doesn't do this, he will kill both of them. Joe agrees and makes a phone call to Juliana's house. Frank gets the call and gives it to Juliana, who tells Joe that she can't talk on the phone but will call him back later. After a stiff phone call, she tells Frank that nothing happened between them.

She visits her mother, who tells her that she wasn't feeling well because she had an uneasy feeling that Trudy was dead. However, she says brightly that the feeling is gone and she feels much better. Juliana, facing away from her mother, sheds tears.

Joe goes home to Buddy and Rita, who tells her that Buddy is being bullied by the kids down the street because he doesn't have a father. He reminds Buddy that he has him instead. Later, he shares a tender kiss with Rita who tells him that he hates sleeping alone.

Whilst walking down a busy street, Juliana sees someone who looks like her sister. However, she is unable to catch up to her because she disappears amongst the crowd.

Tagomi bows before two framed pictures; one of a woman and the other a young man. He cries before walking out, resuming his composure. Once at work, Inspector Kido informs him that Juliana Crain is the sister of a known subversive. Tagomi thanks him for this information and later, during a conversation in which he confronts her, Juliana apologises and tells him that she will resign from her position. Tagomi tells her that this is not needed and instead tells her about his wife and son, who he lost.

When Juliana leaves, Kotomichi asks Tagomi why he did not heed Chief Inspector Kido's warning. Tagomi ignores this question and instead tells him to find out about her sister.

In Frank's workplace, his boss tells the employees that the factory is going to be shut down early. Ed tells him to leave immediately and Sergeant Yoshida and Inspector Kido watch as he leaves. Yoshida asks if they should follow him to which Kido replies, "Not yet."

Juliana is passing on paperwork from the Trade Minister when Arnold sees her. He quietly asks her what she's doing there and says that they should meet at the diner later.

Frank sits down to have a meal with Mark Sampson and questions his decision to raise his kids Jewish when he knows what will happen to them. He responds that he doesn't want to die and he just wants to survive, which faith helps him with. Frank tells him that he doesn't have anything like that, to which Mark replies that he has art - and why doesn't he do anything with that?

Childan, having been invited to the Kasoura house for dinner, gives them an antique gift. Mr. Kasoura shows him his antique pistol. Arnold and Juliana have a quiet confrontation at the diner and he tells her that he knows everything regarding Trudy. He tells her that he had worked for them for sixteen years and hoped that that would be worth something. He seems to be under the belief that Trudy and her boyfriend had escaped to the Neutral Zone.

Childan is asked about his music taste and the way Americans function in social situations. He answers Mr. Kasoura's question but this results in an uncomfortable silence. With each question that Mr. Kasoura asks Childan comes a response, followed by an awkward silence.

Juliana calls Joe from the diner and she apologises for not saying goodbye before leaving. Joe asks about a new film and if she knows anything about it. Juliana replies that she doesn't, and he tells her that there are rumours about a new film. A man listens into their conversation, having been assigned by Smith to do so. Their conversation is cut off and Juliana is about to put in more coins before noticing that there is a man waiting in line for the phone. She hangs up without notice. Rita asks Joe who he was calling and he gives her no information, before leaving abruptly.

When the dinnner is over, Childan is shown the way out. Despite Childan's attempts to schedule another meeting with the Kasouras, Mr. Kasoura cuts him off and thanks him for the "research opportunity". Childan is clearly disappointed by this realisation and leaves sour.

Smith interrogates Joe about the conversation he had with Juliana. He demands that he report to him every day about people he meet and the conversation he has with them. He then subtly mentions Buddy, leaving the conversation at a sinister tone.

Frank goes back to the antique store where he bought the bullets from and tries to strike a deal. Childan first vehemently refuses but then asks him about his crafting abilities. He asks him to make a Native American artifact and goes on a vindictive rant about Japanese people, clearly bitter about the events that perspired over dinner. When Frank asks whether or not he will be able to identify it as fake, Childan tells him that he already has a fake pistol in his possession but he doesn't know it. They strike up a deal to split 80,000 yen 60 to 40 between the two of them.

When Juliana comes home, she tells him that Arnold told her that he works with the Japanese to save them and also that she saw Trudy. Frank is doubtful and tells Juliana that he has to run away because the Kempeitai are looking for him and that they have to leave together. Juliana agrees but the next day she goes to the very location she saw Trudy in. Tagomi later thanks Juliana for her compassion in regards to the loss of his wife and in return, he tells her that Trudy is dead. He gives Juliana a note and a flower wishing her luck.

Juliana, holding the note and flower given my Tagomi, rides a bus and makes her way over to a beautiful field. She covers her nose due to the intense smell and makes her way to where the flies are buzzing the most. She comes across a dug up area of land where bodies have just been dumped with no proper burial. She finds her sister's body among the masses of bodies and covers her face with a handkerchief.

Meanwhile, Joe has arrived from the airport. He is about to get into a cab when someone angrily tells him, "Japanese first!" He is pushed to the back of the line and is seen to be following the back of a grieving Juliana.

Cast & Characters

Guest Starring
  • Macall Gordon as Anne Walker
  • Richard Ching as Mr. Eto
  • Lee Shorten as Sergeant Yoshida
  • Jessie Fraser as Rita
  • Yael Yurman as Clara Sampson
  • Ruairi MacDonald as Charlie Sampson
  • Carter Ryan Evancic as Buddy
  • Fiona Fu as Mrs. Akiyama
  • Michael Cheng as Terminal Security
  • Anthony F. Ingram as Kasoura's House Boy
  • Jason Riki Kosuge as Japanese Soldier
  • Eric Banerd as Nazi Security Guard
  • Evan Lee as Bar Patron

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