"The Tiger's Cave" is the first episode of Season Two of The Man in the High Castle, and the eleventh episode of the series overall. This episode, along with the rest of the season, was made available for streaming on Amazon Video on December 16th, 2016.


When Julianna allows Joe to flee from the hands of the Resistance, she is questioned on her loyalty, Obergruppenführer John Smith returns with news on the event that almost led to his death and Trade Minister Tagomi is overwhelmed by the vision of life if the Nazis had failed to win World War 2.


Thomas Smith attends school at Fritz Julius Kuhn High School at Long Island, New York. He prepares to sit in class, but his classmate, Parker asks help from him on his homework, Thomas reluctantly tells him the answers on how many slaves George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had. As he sits, he briefly glances at a beautiful girl next to him with interest and unbeknownst to him she also casts a glance at Thomas. Thomas's teacher assigns him to lead the pledge for today, and the class begins reciting the issued Nazi Oath for the Führer.

In the Pacific Ocean, about 200 miles from San Francisco. Joe Blake goes around the boat and asks the Captain's crew (most of which are African-Americans) if their radio is working, he is told to wait. Later, however, they discover Joe is a Nazi and is threatened to hand over the film, he offers 200,000 yen each to the crew if they let him go.

Meanwhile, Juliana is locked up somewhere by the Resistance after betraying them of letting Joe Blake escape. Karen informs her that 'the guy they answer to' is about to arrive, Karen begs for Juliana to come up with a justification for her actions but Juliana plainly replies that she couldn't let anyone get killed. Gary, a local resistance leader, arrives and meets Juliana and is about to punish her but Juliana explains that she watched the film they needed and pleads that she can offer help to the Man in the High Castle if they let her see him, Gary, however, pulls the trigger on Juliana. A series of flashbacks of Juliana's life is projected by a film projector, showing her childhood years with her father and sister, her father's funeral while a soldier carrying his coffin glances at her, the Japanese invasion of San Francisco, and also revealing her suicide attempt by being hit by a bus.

At the Kempeitai headquarters, Frank Frink desperately begs for Chief Inspector Kido to release Ed McCarthy by confessing his true intentions to kill the Crown Prince, but Kido knows he didn't shoot the Crown Prince and Frank's statement is pointless as he reveals Ed 'confessed' of being the assassin, Frank grabs Kido as he believes he must die not Ed, but Kido leaves him be. When Kido returns to his office he finds General Onoda has arrived and is proud of Kido's successful apprehension of a suspect to the shooting of the Crown Prince as the investigation will be disclosed to Japanese authorities tomorrow, and he suggests a celebration must be held.

Helen is helping one of her daughters bake, but is informed an unknown car has arrived to their residence. Fearing the worst, he grabs the pistol Smith gave him and watches from the door if Heydrich is the man visiting. To her relief, John Smith arrives and embraces his wife. John explains that Reinhard is now in prison but his subordinates remain at large, nonetheless Helen and John are assured that their children are safe from harm and Helen hands over the pistol.

Japanse officials are attending at a meeting being held by General Onada. Kido finds Kotomich nearby the room and asks for Tagomi's whereabouts, he tells Kido that there's no contact from Tagomi since morning but he arrives just in time. Tagomi assures Kotomich of his health after he asks him so, and the meeting commences. Onada discusses the imminent threat of the Nazis if Hitler dies, during this Tagomi's hearing of the meeting is replaced by the loud noises he heard from the alternate America he was brought during his meditation. When it dies out, Onada unveils their plan to use a Heizenberg device on North American Nazi targets, including New York City, after the Science Minister used the smuggled microfilm, containing the instructions of how to make one, from the Reich Research Council in Berlin. After the meeting ends, Kido confronts Tagomi, though not to arrest him, but to voice his concern to Tagomi after Onada's firm decision to wage war, Tagomi only wished to balance the power between the two powers and has little hope that a war with nuclear weapons cannot be won by either side.

A Nazi aircraft drops a case loaded with money to the crew of the boat Joe is held in. The crew joyfully scavenge the lavish offered to them and decides to let Joe Blake go with the film. An African-American he briefly met, gives his thanks to Joe as he rows back to the Nazi aircraft. As the crew finishes emptying the case, the Captain notices a hatch, and as he opens it, it reveals a bomb is attached and it detonates killing the entire crew, to the horror of Joe Blake. When he arrives back at Obergruppenführer Smith's headquarters, John expresses how proud he is of Joe's success to the mission. But Joe expresses his complaint on why they chose to kill the crew, John justifies they were criminals. John also claims that Juliana is dead since 24 hours has passed and no word of her since. Joe refuses John's lecture of keeping his feelings in check, and states that he wishes to resign. John does not comply though and just grabs the film to deliver it to Berlin in an hour. When he dismisses Joe, he instantly leaves without saluting to John Smith.

Kotomich arrives at Tagomi's office since he was requested, Tagomi asks Kotomich his reason why he motivated him to continue meditating, he replies that it could give Tagomi peace as does him also. Tagomi then asks if there's another reason, Kotomich does not reply. Tagomi then discusses what happened when he meditated, instead of him bringing peace it brought him to an alternate world where Americans ruled the continent. Kotomich claims he just had a dream of a past, but Tagomi believes that it wasn't.

Arnold arrives at Frank's homestead to look for Juliana, Frank informs him that Juliana fled and accuses Arnold by telling him he knows that he works for the Japanese in the Napalm building, Arnold tries to justify that it was to protect his family and get Trudy safe, but Frank mocks him as a 'pawn' to the Japanese. Arnold deduces Frank's anger is about Ed McCarthy, when Frank asks help to get him out, Arnold tells him that no one can help him but suggests that he finds someone else who is a 'pawn' to prevent Ed's execution. He travels to the Antique store of Robert Childan and explains the situation, he closes the store and is horrified of the possibility of them being caught if they are not able to free Ed McCarthy.

Meanwhile, Juliana awakens in an unknown place while an unknown man is accompanying him. He begins saying cryptic statements while offering Juliana a drink, and he even finds her having an 'unnatural mind'. When she asks where she is, the man answers angrily demanding that she answer his questions. The man opens a door and when Juliana emerges from the room, she finds a huge facility housing thousands of films.

In Berlin, John Smith arrives at the Führer's office and he hands over the film to another Nazi officer, where he delivers it to the Führer himself. John watches as the Führer reaches his shaking hand to grab the film.

Juliana looks around and finds films dating all over, she asks if he is the Man in the High Castle, and reveals that he is, Hawthorne Abendsen, and that his castle is actually his mind. Juliana observes a film from 1961, he tells it's a home movie depicting the 4th of July in Phoenix, to Juliana's disbelief that an event like that is impossible to happen here. Hitler opens the film he is given and transforms his office to unveil a projector as he decides to watch the film. Abendsen interviews Juliana of what she saw in the film. As the film progresses, Hitler is gradually horrified of what he is seeing as San Francisco is nuked and he angrily begins ranting and throwing objects in response to the film he just saw.

Abendsen asks if he recognized anyone from the Resistance and the Nazi executioners in the film, she is surprised about the question but she complies identifying it was Frank Frink and Joe Blake, but Abendsen already knows them, and asks Juliana if she recognized anyone else. She tells of the man next to Frank, and Abendsen anticipates on this, but Juliana is not sure of who he is. Abendsen then tries to set up a film for Juliana to watch to figure out if it is the man Juliana saw in the other film. Juliana asks if what she saw is about to happen but Abendsen vaguely answers that it's just one of those films with many realities, but could not be their's. He also states that most people in these films are depicted differently from one reality to the next, Juliana deduces that Abendsen's role is to inform the Resistance of what he has seen to prevent or seal events that could happen in their world and why the Nazis desperately want the films, but Abendsen corrects her that only Hitler wants it, due to his paranoia, he never lets anyone else watch it. Abendsen plays the film depicting a Nazi officer dead and being carried by soldiers, he pauses as the film reveals his face. Juliana is now confused as to why he was a Resistance leader in the other film and now a Nazi in this one, Abendsen asks if this is him but Juliana is not certain, much to Abendsen's disappointment. He explains that this man will be the catalyst of the entire nuclear war that was depicted in the other film, but Juliana cannot recognize him exactly.

John Smith is called in by the Nazi officer telling him the Führer is ready to meet him. As John salutes, Hitler expresses his gratitude of apprehending Heydrich and his loyalty to him. But he reminds him of his assignment to find the Man in the High Castle as his main priority. John tells Hitler they're trying, but Hitler angrily to tells him that they find him quickly as he claims 'all will be lost' if he and his films are not found. Hitler dismisses him after John understands his order.

Juliana asks Abendsen about Trudy's claim of the films being a way out, and that is their a possibility she is alive somehow, Abendsen listens but does not answer as he angrily reminds her to not ask questions. She asks why is he angry at her, Abendsen explains that if she 'saw what he saw' she'll be angry also. Juliana realizes that she is in the Man in the High Castle's films and demands to know what he saw about her, Abendsen begins walking to the door as he answers that they all are made from 'fear and violence' and is about to tell Juliana how she ends up, but he opens the doors revealing Gary again, approaching her as he again shoots her.

Tagomi contacts Wegener's divorced wife and ask if it's possible to speak to Rudolph Wegener himself. Wegener's wife tearfully replies that he died explaining that Rudolph took his own life and was declared a traitor. Tagomi assures her that Wegener died trying to make the world a better place, but she asks if it worked, and that 'trying is not enough' and she hangs up the phone.

Frank decides that the Kasuoras are their chance of getting Ed McCarthy out despite Robert telling him that they sold him a forged antique. They travel to their home and notice a couple of men from the Yakuza guarding nearby. Childan tries to convince Paul Kasuora to be their laywer to Ed McCarthy so that once he proves McCarthy is innocent he can garner fame of being the man who delivered justice, but Paul denies the offer and orders his butler to escort the two to leave. Frank however, grabs the forged item they sold to him and reveals he made the antique to fool him. Robert prepares to leave with Frank but Kasuora tells them they cannot.

Juliana awakens inside a car's trunk being driven by Gary with Karen and Lemuel. Gary intends to kill Juliana despite Lemuel and Karen reminding him that Abendsen told them not to kill her. Juliana attempts to escape as she tries to bang open the trunk, just as they begin to pass through a Kempeitai outpost. She manages to get it open and drops down the road, Gary tries to retrieve her but a Kempeitai officer stops him. They are ordered to come out, but Gary responds with force as he shoots the officer and tries to kill Juliana. A shootout ensues, and Juliana manages to flee the scene while injured, Gary and Lemuel manages to shoot down another Kempeitai officer but they realized too late that Karen is mortally wounded and she dies, just as Japanese authorities are about to arrive at the scene. Gary and Lemuel leave her body be and they flee.

Alone and injured, Juliana begins to recall the flashback she had earlier during her father's funeral where the soldier carrying the coffin glances at her and implies to be the man he must find.

Cast & Characters

Guest Starring
  • Lee Shorten as Sergeant Yoshida
  • Gracyn Shinyei as Amy Smith
  • Genea Charpentier as Jennifer Smith
  • Stefanie von Pfetten as Katharina Wegener
    (Voice Only)
  • Pavel Romano as Barker
  • Colin Lawrence as Boat Captain
  • Robel Zere as Boat Thin Mate
  • Ali Skovbye as Annie Sanders
  • Ryan Scramstad as Nazi Officer (Sea Plane)
  • Chris Robson as History Teacher
  • Harry Han as Kempeitai Police #1
  • Sean Poague as Juliana's Dad
  • Jeremy Schuetze as Major Klaus Hein
  • Valentina Skala as Toddler Trudy
  • Jessie Fraser as Rita Pearce
  • Russell Jung as Minister
  • Anthony F. Ingram as House Boy
  • Charles Bae as Japanese Customer
  • Sylvesta Stuart as Another Mate
  • Josie Bulbrook as Young Juliana
  • Clayton Chitty as Young George
  • Andrew Prest as Pilot

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