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"The Grashopper lies Heavy" is a novel by Hawthorne Abendsen inside the novel "The Man in the High Castle" by Philip K. Dick.

The Map of the Allied Victory according to "The Grasshopper lies heavy"


The novel is about several persons in both Nazi Germany and the United States. In this timeline, the German troops are halted at Stalingrad in Western USSR or the timelines "Reichskommissariat Kaukasus". The British troops defeated Rommels Afrikakorps in Egypt and stopped the Nazis, invading Malta. Then the British marshed towards Turkey and met remaining Soviet Forces in mentioned Stalingrad. The Germans are pushed back to Berlin which at last falls to Britain in a daylong streetfight. The novel mentioned a tank attack in Tiergarten-Bezirk; Berlin.

Churchill's Germany

After Germanys defeat, it was splitted according to Winston Churchills plans. Germany will be splitted north to south. East Prussia will be splitted between USSR and Poland. South Germany annexes Austria, Hungary and Caparthian Ruthenia.

And now, the world is splitted between two respective spheres of influence; The British Commonwealth and the US-Free Trade Association. The Soviet Union collapses between 1950-1960. The remainders in Europe joined Britain, while Karafuto and Kurills are returned to Japan and the Siberian-Far Easten Republic joins the US-FTA. China is heavilly influenced by the US and turned into Federal Republic, leaded by Chiang Kai-shek., excluding Tibet which is British-Commonwealth member. The US (Under FDR ,untill 1940) and Britain enacted reforms that make them wealthier. Racism is ceased to exist in the US, but in Britain rules an apartheid-like separation system. This and the massive chinese minority (which is pro-american) in Singapore and Malaya start a conflict between the USA and Britain. The tensions between the superpowers even lead into a war, which Britain (still under Churchill) wins.

Reactions on the book in Japan and Germany

The Japanese let the book circulate in the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere and the Neutral Zone (which is in loose conection with the Japanese Pacific States in the novel). They don't see anything dangerous in the novel and even Japanese likes reading the book.

However, the Nazis banned the novel for every race and idividuum in the Reich and started plans to assassinate the author Hawthorne Abendsen, which lives in or near to Cheyenne, WY. This failed and there are no other known plans in this direction. But even in the American Reich the book is, on the one or other way, available.


According to Hawthorne Abendsen, the novel was heavily influenced by his questions on the I Ging (I Ching, Yi Jing), an ancient chinese oracle book. Everything in the novel, such as characters, timelina et cetera was written "as the I Ging said"

Some fans of the novel "The Man in the High Castle" by Philip K. Dick, where this novel is mentioned see this as the way, Dick cound´ve written his story of an Axis Victory.