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The future belongs to those who change it.
~ Season Two

The Second Season of The Man in the High Castle was officially released on December 16th, 2016 on Amazon Prime Video.

Season Overview

Building on Frank Frink's story arc from the first season, he becomes a full and committed member of the American Resistance in the Japanese Pacific States. As he becomes more immersed in the resistance against the Japanese Empire, Frank takes part in a terrorist bombing against the Japanese leadership in San Francisco that results in the deaths of a large number of military and government officials.

Juliana Crain flees to the Greater Nazi Reich, claiming asylum at their San Francisco embassy. The process is approved by Obergruppenführer John Smith who ends up as her sponsor and takes her to the East Coast without Joe Blake's knowledge.

Nobusuke Tagomi finds himself in an alternative San Francisco where the Nazis and Japanese lost World War II. His wife and son are still alive, and his son is even married to an alternate version of Juliana Crain. Tagomi finds that his counterpart was a drunk and died by falling off a bridge, and dislike his son's choice of bride because he believed he was becoming too "American."

Joe Blake discovers that his birth was a lie; he is not a natural-born American and is in fact a member of the Lebensborn Program and the biological son of Martin Heusmann, a high-ranking Nazi official. Joe and his father reconcile, and Heusmann is named Acting Chancellor when Adolf Hitler falls ill. After Hitler dies, Heusmann becomes the Chancellor until a successor can be chosen, with Joe acting as his second-in-command.

Hitler's death is blamed on spies from the Japanese Empire, with Heusmann publicly declaring those responsible will be brought to justice, even if that means war. John Smith is suspicious of Heusmann and interrogates Reinhard Heydrich. He learns of a grand plan to launch a nuclear assault on the Japanese Empire which would result in the destruction of Tokyo, the death of the Japanese Emperor, and the establishment of a global Nazi Reich. Trying to avert war, Smith travels to Berlin and tries to undermine the plot by informing Heinrich Himmler. Backed by evidence, Himmler arrests Heusmann and charges him with the murder of Hitler and high treason. Joe Blake is also detained. Himmler announces Heusmann's treachery to civilians and soldiers alike, dispelling the notion of war with Japan.

Buoyed by their popularity, Himmler and Smith take control of the Reich with the intent of peace with the Japanese. Living in the Greater Nazi Reich, Juliana comes face to face with her dead sister, Trudy Walker, who is possibly an alternate universe version. In a basement, Smith finds a huge store of films that Hitler has amassed over the years.

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No. Image Title Written by Directed by
1 The Tiger's Cave Episode Image.jpg "The Tiger's Cave" Frank Spotnitz Daniel Percival
When Julianna allows Joe to flee from the hands of the Resistance, she is questioned on her loyalty, Obergruppenführer John Smith returns with news on the event that almost led to his death and Trade Minister Tagomi is overwhelmed by the vision of life if the Nazis had failed to win World War 2.
2 The Road Less Traveled Episode Image.jpg "The Road Less Traveled" Rob Williams Colin Bucksey
After narrowly escaping death, Juliana discovers a family secret that could have global implications - and leads her to make a life-changing decision. Kido, Tagomi, and Frank all take dangerous risks, while back in New York, Joe settles into a normal routine, only to have it turned upside down when Smith gives him the opportunity he's waited for his whole life.
3 Travelers Episode Image.jpg "Travelers" Erik Oleson Daniel Sackheim
Fighting to acclimatize to the strange new world of Nazi New York, Juliana seeks out the one person she thinks she can trust: Joe Blake. Angry and defiant after Juliana's departure, Frank is drawn to the Resistance movement and its charismatic leader. Joe confronts his own identity when he finally meets his father.
4 Escalation Episode Image.jpg "Escalation" Wesley Strick David Petrarca
Juliana discovers she's far from safe from the Resistance in the Reich. Smith confronts the reality of the lengths he's willing to go to in order to protect his son. And another father - Joe's - tries to persuade him to give Berlin a chance. Frank also has a decision to make: how far is he prepared to go to help the Resistance cause?
5 Duck and Cover Episode Image.jpg "Duck and Cover" Erik Oleson &
Rick Cleveland
John Fawcett
Joe learns a truth about his past that makes him question everything. The rift between Frank and Ed widens as Frank is drawn further into the Resistance. In order to assure her safety, Juliana must betray someone close to her.
6 Kintsugi Episode Image.jpg "Kintsugi" Francesca Gardiner Paul Holahan
Nicole introduces Joe to an unexpected side of Berlin, that leads him down a new path. On her new mission, Juliana inserts herself into the Smith's inner circle. Tagomi is finally reunited with his family, only to be faced with the prospect of losing them again.
7 Land O Smiles Episode Image.jpg "Land O' Smiles" Rob Williams Karyn Kusama
As Juliana worms closer to the Smiths, she discovers a dangerous secret. Childan and Ed get themselves in a sticky situation as they try to settle the Yakuza debt. On a Resistance mission, Frank uncovers a Japanese plan that could realize his worst nightmare.
8 Loose Lips Episode Image.jpg "Loose Lips" Rick Cleveland Alex Zakrzewski
Juliana gathers intel for the Resistance that could trigger WWIII. When the political situation in Berlin becomes unsafe, Joe must make a choice that could put his life in danger. Frank learns the truth about Juliana, leading him to question his newfound Resistance family.
9 Detonation Episode Image.jpg "Detonation" Wesley Strick Chris Long
Tagomi faces a dilemma: to stay with his family or return to the world he left behind. Desperate to escape the Reich, Juliana strikes a final, dangerous deal with the Resistance. When Ed reveals a secret that puts the Resistance plan in jeopardy, Frank must decide how to deal with his best friend's betrayal.
10 Fallout Episode Image.jpg "Fallout" Erik Oleson Daniel Percival
Tagomi enlists Kido in a deception to save Japan from destruction. As Smith's life crumbles around him, he makes a dangerously bold play to hold onto his power. Joe tries to do the right thing but suffers the ultimate betrayal. Juliana must make a heart-wrenching choice that will shape the future of the world.


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