The Schutzstaffel (Protection Squadron), or simply "SS", is a paramilitary force of Nazi soldiers, and the foremost instrument of security, surveillance and terror in the Greater Nazi Reich. Its main headquarters is the Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse building in Berlin, while it also maintains a sizeable headquarters in New York City


It was founded in 1925 by Julius Schreck as a bodyguard unit to Adolf Hitler, before growing into one of the most powerful military organizations in Nazi Germany. Under the leadership of Heinrich Himmler, it grew from a small guard unit to a million-strong division. Serving as Hitler's private army, the SS was tasked with disposing of the Fuhrer's political enemies and enforcing his will on the populace. Their responsibilities also included staffing Nazi concentration camps, conducting military operations(Waffen-SS) and serving as Hitler's personal security force. During and after World War II, loyal nazis from all occupied nations were added to the organization's ranks.  

Known Members:



  • In one of the mysterious films, Joe Blake is depicted executing prisoners wearing a Waffen-SS uniform corresponding to the rank of a Hauptsturmführer. Joe Blake never formally joins the SS in the actual timeline.