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San Francisco is a major city of the Japanese Pacific States, and acts as the territories capital. It houses the Nippon Building, the Nazi Embassy and is also where Frank, Juliana, Trudy, Ed McCarthy, Robert Childan, Kido, and Tagomi live.


San Francisco is a major city within the Japanese Pacific States, and along with New York City is the center of the former Axis powers occupation of America. Both the Nippon Building and Nazi Embassy are situated here (it appears that the Embassy is located in Golden Gate Park, while the Nippon Building is located somewhere downtown). The Japanese military did bomb sections of the city during it's initial invasion (this is made apparent when an undetonated bomb was salvaged of its explosive contents, later used to bomb the Nippon Building by Frank Frink). Pre-war San Francisco was a hub for Asian immigrants coming into America, such as Chinese-Americans and Japanese-Americans. By the time the Pacific States were established, there was already a community of Asians and it was relatively easy to assimilate them into the existing Japanese culture. The city is now adorned with Japanese-language signage and culture. In addition, the Golden Gate Bridge now has the emblem of the Japanese Empire to signify its rule.

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