The Man in the High Castle Wikia

The following is a work in progress of editing guidelines and general rules to potentially be implemented on this wiki, and should be adhered to as best as possible. Other registered users and future admins can discuss and adjust this list further as time goes on. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact an admin.

Something to Keep in Mind...
While this series has a setting based upon an alternate result of World War II, this wiki is not intended to be a detailed source of the war from our own timeline. Therefore, all historical figures who do not actually appear in the series outside of the films should not have their own articles created for them (this also goes for any other events, locations, and tech that aren't heavily relevant to the series itself). Instead, these can be mentioned on the appropriate event or film articles, or include links to external sources.

In addition, all historical subjects that do appear in the series should have information not directly related to the series kept to a minimum (i.e. a historical characters real-world background is not needed unless it is relevant to the events of the series. Important additional information can instead be added to the "Notes & Trivia", but only a reasonable amount).

General Etiquette

  • Please keep all discussion professional and relevant.
  • Use correct spelling and grammar.
  • No harassment, derogatory and/or sexual remarks.
  • Refrain from hostile arguments.
  • Keep profanity to a minimum.
  • No unnecessary or obnoxious typing (all caps, chatspeak, ect)
  • Spam and vandalism will not be tolerated.

Editing Guidelines

  • Please proofread your edits. An overlooked mistake here and there is okay, but excessive neglectful editing can result in a warning and ultimately a ban. Use the "preview" option to help revise your changes.
  • Try not to make multiple edits on the same article in quick succession.
  • General article guidelines...
    • Make sure the article subject in the opening paragraph is in Bold.
    • Do not put links to the article on the article itself, for obvious reasons.
    • Do not use links in spoken or descriptive text, specifically in quotes and most italicized text. One exception to this rule would be for titles (i.e. The Man in the High Castle or The Grasshopper Lies Heavy).

Article Creation and Formatting

When creating an article...
  • Double check to make sure the article hasn't already been created. It may also be under a different name (see below).
  • Does the article even need to be created?
    • A subject with only a minuscule amount of information may be unnecessary or could be added as a sub-section to a larger article that relates to it.
    • Likewise, minor characters who only appear in a couple episodes and/or contribute next to nothing to the plot do not need their own articles.
      • This can be up for debate, depending on the subject. If you wish to add an article or make an appeal to an article that was deleted for the above reasons, you may contact an admin and make your case. You will most likely be asked to provide the contents for the article ahead of time for review.
In order for this wiki to have a more consistent and uniform look, it's important that all articles follow their respective formatting.
  • Review the "Editing Guidelines" section above.
  • Make sure each article has all the proper infoboxes, section headers (where applicable), and information.
    • The John Smith article contains all the proper formatting and sections that should be followed when creating new Character pages.
  • The article should also have the proper categories tied to it (see below).
  • Please limit the amount of duplicate links on articles to one per section (i.e. one link in a characters entire "Biography" section (each "Season" sub-section is still part of the main section).
When renaming articles...
  • Make sure you have a valid reason for renaming an article (start a discussion or ask an admin if you aren't sure, as it may have already been settled in the past).
  • To keep the search log free of clutter, make sure not to leave a redirect while renaming the article. There can be exceptions to this rule (to be expanded upon later).
    • This of course means all dead links will need to be fixed. It is all the more important that renaming a major article is discussed beforehand in order to prepare for the task.


  • Try and avoid ‘infobox clutter’. Refrain from adding excessive information to a single section of the infobox. If you believe this information is essential, instead describe it in the appropriate section of the articles body.
  • Again, try and avoid speculation. If there is no definite information for a section made clear in the series, leave it blank.


A full list of valid categories will be accumulated over time.

  • Category ordering should start from the most general to more specific (i.e. "Characters" > "[Gender] Characters" > "Season # Characters" > [Faction] Affiliated Characters > [All other miscellaneous categories])


Users who do not follow these guidelines when uploading will receive a single warning, after which any subsequent uploads from them which do not follow this rule will be immediately deleted.
  • Only upload images relevant to the show. Episode screencaps, promotional photos and official ads are acceptable. Absolutely NO fanart or "decorative profile images".
  • Give your images relevant names (i.e. "JulianaCraine.png" or "Season1 Promo.png"). Excessively long or indiscernible names will not be permitted.
  • Make sure your images are of high quality. Small or blurred images will not be accepted.
  • Please don't upload multiple images of the same scene except where relevant (i.e. having a similar image with a characters head at a slightly different angle than one uploaded in the past is not reason enough to upload it).