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"No Masters But Ourselves" is the seventh episode of Season Four of The Man in the High Castle, and the thirty-seventh episode of the series overall. This episode, along with the rest of the season, was made available for streaming on Amazon Video on November 15th, 2019.


The BCR launches a massive assault across the JPS, and Kido finds the fate of the Empire in his hands. Childan becomes a captive of the Kempeitai. Helen resolves to support her husband by re-entering public life. Juliana and Wyatt arrive in New York to plan a daring new strategy against Smith.


Helen Smith makes an appearance on a Nazi cooking show in an attempt to publicly assure her faith in the Reich. Bill Whitcroft notifies an unaware John Smith that his wife is on television and the both of them watch. Helen does well to answer a question about her long marriage with John, but is momentarily caught off guard when the host asks about her first Reichsgiving, which was the day of Nazi Germany's takeover of the United States. Helen is able to hold her emotions when she brings up Thomas and expresses her gratitude for the Reich "saving" them from starvation.

Jennifer and Henry sit at a park bench, where Henry kisses her after confessing his admiration. However, Jennifer expresses his distaste for Reich lifestyle, loudly revealing to Henry how her mother's appearance on television was all an act and her desire to return to the Neutral Zone. Unbeknownst to them, Raunchy Ritchie planted a nearby microphone that recorded their conversation. The recording is brought back to Juliana Crain and Wyatt Price. Juliana learns that Helen will be shopping for clothes at Gerhardt's and they plan to intercept her there.

Yukiko and Robert Childan continue to fall in love with one another when they are suddenly interrupted by a visitor on their antique store. Yukiko finds Kempeitai officers seeking Robert for interrogation. She lies that he's still missing, but the officers inspect the store anyway and eventually find Robert, taking him away to face Chief Inspector Kido. At his office, Kido assures Robert he is not here to be seen as a collaborator, but only to offer the characteristics of the Black Communist Rebellion's members during being their hostage.

Meanwhile, the BCR makes final preparations as they distribute large quantities of explosives for their attack on the Crimson Pipeline. Bell, Elijah, and other members watch a Japanese oil carrier at a distance, waiting for the timers to detonate. Explosives ring out all over San Francisco's bay area, causing Kido to allow Robert to return to his store while the Kempeitai rushes to investigate the chaos. Kido later meets with Admiral Inokuchi as they hear BCR radio reports from Bell Mallory, claiming responsibility for the attacks throughout the West Coast. Bell threatens more attacks unless the Japanese Army accepts their demands for autonomy. Inokuchi orders an immediate evacuation of the Crown Princess to Tokyo, where Kido volunteers to head her security. As the Crown Princess heads for her vehicle, she stops and questions Kido's view of whether Japan should continue its hold on its American colony. Kido gives in to the reality and confesses that the occupation is now a lost cause. The Crown Princess greatly respects his answer and promises to relay it to the Emperor.

Two days later, as Bell mourns the names of fallen BCR members, they are interrupted by important news being broadcast by the Emperor himself on Japanese television. In a historic decision to the world, the Emperor announces Japan's withdrawal of the JPS. Bell and Elijah celebrate in joy along with other BCR members. Kido rushes to inspect General Yamori's holding cell only to find him hanged, having committed suicide as he promised if Japan decided to give up the territory. Kido picks up two photographs of Yamori's sons, who were lost during the war for North America.

When the broadcast ends, Bill recalls John's words of waiting for their moment to strike back at the occupiers and sees Japan's secession as a potential of reunifying America back into one country. John affirms this by replying "Soon".

Cast & Characters

Guest Starring
  • Genea Charpentier as Jennifer Smith
  • Gracyn Shinyei as Amy Smith
  • Mayumi Yoshida as Crown Princess
  • Alex Barima as Oscar Watsom
  • Garfield Wilson as Leon
  • Peter Shinkoda as Kazu Hirano
  • Cory Grüter-Andrew as Henry Iver
  • Meg Heus as Bridget
  • Malik McCall as Darius
  • Bzhaun Rhoden as Benjy
  • Colleen Winton as Gabby Drake
  • Peter Kelamis as Raunchy Ritchie
  • Jeremy Thorsen as SS Security Officer
  • Taiga Seiya as Sergeant Nishida
  • Hiromoto Ida as Emperor of Japan
  • James Song as Kempeitei Officer
  • Holly Arthur as BCR Bomb Builder #1
  • Alfred Anderson as BCR Bomb Builder #3
  • Ralista Harding as BCR Bomb Builder #2

Notes & Trivia

  • This episode is set in October 1964, which includes the holiday, Reichsgiving.
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