New York City is a major city in occupied America and the capital of Nazi America. It is home to the headquarters of the American branch of the SS, where Obergruppenführer John Smith and agent Joe Blake are based.


Ever since the destruction of Washington D.C. in 1945 by a German atomic bomb, New York City has served as the capital of the American Nazi puppet government. Before and after the war New York City was and still is the political, cultural, social, entertainment and economical capital of America pre-war. Post-war New York City prominently displays Nazi symbolism most notably Times Square lit up with a Nazi swastika flag as well as Nazi propaganda posters and the flag of Nazi America. Next to the city itself is the Empire State Building covered with a Nazi Reichsadler on top and a Nazi banner. The city's most famous monument is the Statue of Liberty originally built and dedicated in 1886 as a tribute to prewar American ideas of liberty, equality, independence, and freedom, which the original was taken down and replaced by a new version created by the Nazis as a representation to Aryan superiority, authority, and Nazi military might complete with the statue's original torch replaced by a salute and a Nazi eagle sash as well as the statue's green exterior turned into grey. However, regardless of the modifications, eventually the Nazis, under Reichfuhrer Himmler, enforced in Nazi America a program to suppress all form of "reminder" monuments of the former United States. To this end, the Statue of Liberty was temporary remodeled back in his original design(in particular the torch was reinstated) only to be destroyed in a massive "show" of force and party celebrations. However, as consequence of the statue destruction large group of Hitler Youth started destroy random monuments setting several fires in the city, while Himmler himself was gravely injured by the American Resistance angered by the Statue destruction. To this day, New York City is the headquarters of Nazi rule in the eastern/midwestern America.