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Nazi is a term for people who came from the Greater Nazi Reich or believes in Nazism.



Adolf Hitler, the first and most famous führer

The Führer, sometimes also known as the Reichsführer, is the political title of the highest leader in the Greater Nazi Reich, who serves as the absolute dictator of the nation.

The first Führer of the Reich was Adolf Hitler, who rose in the 1930's and died in the 1960's. Nazi America was also originally controlled by a lower-ranking official Reichsmarschall, originally by Erwin Rommel, followed by George Lincoln Rockwell and John Smith.

Following the death of Heinrich Himmler at the hands of John Smith and Wilhelm Goertzmann, two Führer's were appointed, as the Reich split into two independent nations: Smith became the Reichsführer of Nazi America, while Goertzmann Reichsführer became Reichsführer for Europe.

The Führer's surname is always used in a greeting or salute by all citizens of the Reich, whether civilian or military: "Heil (Surname)!".

List of Führers


John Smith, the last Reichsmarschall of Nazi America

The Reichsmarschall was a the highest authority in one of the satellite states of the Greater Nazi Reich, such as Nazi America. While the Reichsmarschall has a lot of power in his state, he still has to obey the Führer stationed in Berlin.

The first Reichsmarschall of Nazi America was Erwin Rommel, who was later replaced by George Lincoln Rockwell. Rockwell was then followed by John Smith, who would then become the sole Führer of Nazi America by Wilhelm Goertzmann, who allowed the state to become an independent nation.

List of Reichsmarschalls