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The Nazi Embassy in San Francisco is the chief diplomatic mission of the Greater Nazi Reich to the Japanese Pacific States. It is a key location in the continuously developing relations between the Nazi Reich and Japanese Empire.


The Nazi Embassy is situated in the Golden Gate Park, in the city's north.  

The embassy hosted a visit from the Crown Prince of the Japanese Empire as part of a larger tour of the Japanese Pacific States. In addition to a meeting with media coverage between the Prince and Ambassador Reiss, the Japanese royal would also make a planned speech just outside the embassy proper to gathered citizens. During this speech, an unsuccessful assassination attempt would be carried out on the Prince, who was shot in the body several times by a hidden sniper. Despite his injuries, he would survive, though the perpetrator was not immediately apprehended. 

Later in the series, Nazi agent Joe Blake would take refuge in the embassy after acquiring one of the films from the American Resistance. He would ultimately escape from the embassy grounds when it became apparent Oberführer Diels was involved with a conspiracy against the Führer. 

The fugitive Juliana Crain sought asylum within the embassy as she want hunted by the Kempeitai and Japanese authorities. After narrowly making into the Reich's jurisdiction, she was eventually granted refuge, and subsequently sent on to New York City by the Nazis.