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The American Reich is an autonomous state within the Greater Nazi Reich, consisting roughly of the eastern and Midwestern halves of the former United States.


The country was originally occupied by the Nazis at the end of the second World War in 1947, two years after the bombing of Washington D.C. , on December 11th, 1945 by the German Heisenberg Device and the subsequent surrender of the former country, following the capitulation of the United States government.

Though initially victorious, both the German Reich and the Japanese Empire had to fight a hard and tenacious retaliation for almost two years before finally putting down the American Resistance and declaring victory (which, within the Reich, became the official festival of Victory Day). After the war, the Reich and the Japanese Empire decided to divide the former United States and Canada in three areas. The first area to the east, under control of the Nazi Reich, became the official state of the American Reich. The second to the west, under control of the Japanese Empire, became the Pacific States of America. The third and final area was situated between the two as a buffer, known as the Neutral Zone.

Following Wilhelm Goertzmann's coup d'état, The American Reich becomes an autonomous country, controlled by the Greater Nazi Reich, led by John Smith as the first Reichsführer of North America. With America out of German control, the American Reich prepares for Operation Firecross - the invasion and subsequent integration of the BCR-controlled Western States.

John Smith died soon after Firecross launched. Upon hearing the news, the de facto leader, Wehrmacht General Bill Whitcroft, calls off Firecross. 

The fate of the American Reich is unknown, however it is implied that Whitcroft will denounce the Nazi ideology, restore the Stars and Stripes and reunite America.


The American Reich's territory is composed of the eastern and midwestern parts of the former United States - from Maine to Florida and from North Dakota to Texas, as well as the eastern two thirds of Montana, the eastern third of Wyoming, the eastern quarter of Colorado, and the eastern third of New Mexico.

The American Reich borders the Neutral Zone to the west, the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico to the south (through Texas), and the north Atlantic Ocean to the east.

Flags and Emblems

The official flag of the American Reich is the original Stars and Stripes; however there are two differences, the first being instead of the original 48 white stars on the blue field (the 37th version of the United States national flag, as Hawaii and Alaska were still territories at the time), the flag of the American Reich has instead a white swastika on the center of the blue field. The second being the stripes which are now 7 due to there being 7 Nazi occupied states instead of the original 13 colonies represented on the real flag. The flag is used in conjunction with the regular Nazi Flag (red, black and white), especially during ceremonies and parades.

Politics and Policies

Capital City

The American Reich's capital is New York City, but its government takes orders directly from the government of the Greater Nazi Reich based in Berlin. The reason that New York City was chosen as the capital, is likely due to the destruction of Washington D.C. by a Heisenberg Device during World War II.


The country's head of state is the Reichsmarschall, a position which reports directly to the Führer Adolf Hitler and later his replacement, Heinrich Himmler in Berlin. The position was initially held by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. Newer holders of the position were Americans, like George Lincoln Rockwell and his successor, John Smith.


The Nazis have implemented racial policies carrying out the mass murder and/or enslavement of all peoples considered "unfit" for their new order, including Jews, African-Americans, homosexuals, "social degenerates", and the permanently mentally and physically ill.

This has been accomplished with the widespread adoption of euthanasia, and in numerous cases, the cremation of all remains. As result of these practices, the population of Nazi America is almost entirely composed of White Americans, and the overall population size is considerably smaller (especially given the size of the country).

Military, Law Enforcement and Intelligence

Schutzstaffel (SS)

The SS serves as the primary paramilitary force within the American Reich. They act as a protective force guarding sensitive and secure areas, such as the SS Headquarters in New York City, the border with the Neutral Zone, military checkpoints, airports and as security to the Nazi Embassy within the Japanese Pacific States. They also serve as bodyguards for high-ranking Nazi officials.

Uniforms vary considerably due to the various subdivisions within the organization, but the majority of them appear to be black or dark green in color, and not all contain the SS runes. When ordered by John Smith to travel to the Neutral Zone, Waffen-SS operatives wear unmarked, black coats. Ceremonial guards are distinguishable by their black helmet and white gloves. Most SS vehicles, especially those in New York City, bear the inscription GNR Military Police (a rough but modern English translation) on the front and sides.


The Gestapo is a secret Nazi police force. They investigate resistance groups and foreign enemies, basically a brutaler, corrupter, CIA with a police force that also get rid of 'Undesirables'.

Sturmabteilung (SA)

Although brutally purged and dis-empowered by Adolf Hitler in 1934, the SA (often known as the "Brownshirts") are still seen to operate in some capacity within The American Reich. In Season 1 they participate in an SS-led attack on the resistance in New York City .

Ordnungspolizei (Order Police)

The Orpo are the regular uniformed police. In The, they are composed of local police departments who are responsible for investigating regular, non-political breaches of the law within The American Reich. Some were regular law enforcement agencies in pre-World War II America that have been absorbed into the new Greater Nazi Reich law enforcement structure.

Examples include the New York City Police Department, which is seen to still be active in policing New York City throughout the series (with minor changes to the uniform such as Swastika armbands and badges). Another example is the Missouri Autobahn Patrol, presumably a reorganized Missouri State Highway Patrol, of which a Trooper pulls over Joe Blake in Season 1.

Kriminalpolizei (Criminal Police)

The Kripo are the criminal investigation department. They are said to have taken control of the investigation into the death of Alice Adler in Season 1.

Public Health Department Police

The armed wing of the Greater Nazi Reich Public Health Department. Officers are seen towards the end of Season 2, when Thomas Smith voluntarily turns himself in to be killed as a result of his genetic defect.

Sicherheitsdienst (SD)

The Sicherheitsdienst is the intelligence agency of the SS, which operates throughout The American Reich and the Greater Nazi Reich. It utilizes agents such as the Origami Man to travel into areas such as the Neutral Zone.

An American specific subdivision of the SD is the American Reich Bureau of Investigation, a reformed version of the Federal Bureau of Investigation which conducts intelligence activities exclusively within Nazi America. It was led by Director J. Edgar Hoover.

Economics and Technology

The economy of The American Reich is considerably prosperous, being closely tied to that of the rest of the Reich. The Reichsmark is the official currency.

Much like Berlin and other parts of the Reich, The American Reich is home to considerable technological advancements. Such technology includes: high speed Concorde-style jet aircraft, intricate train systems and video telephones.

Notable Locations

New York City


New York City is now the capital of The American Reich, and home to the headquarters of the American branch of the SS, where John Smith and agent Joe Blake are based.

District of Contamination

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 2.22.30 PM.png

The District of Contamination, also known by its former name Washington D.C. was the former capital city of the United States. On December 11th, 1945, a Heisenberg Device was dropped on the city by the Nazis, resulting in its complete destruction, the collapse of the United States Government, and the senior military leadership. This would clear the way for a German invasion of the United States.

It is currently closed off from the Potomac River to the Capital Building by a fence that the Germans put up. The population of the city currently is under 10k people who reside beyond the former area that housed the US Government and various monuments.



Cincinnati was a city in the former States, and the site of a battle between the American Resistance, and the German Wehrmacht. John Smith witnessed part of this battle in a dream in which his son, Thomas Smith, appeared to him. He watched on as German troops murdered American Jews.


Savannah is a city in The American Reich and the city of the former U.S. state of Georgia, with a population of approximately 84,000.

Following the death of Hitler, there was a mass uprising of Resistance members across The American Reich (identified by Erich Raeder), and a large number of German SS men were dispatched to quell it under the command of Gruppenführer Keller. Keller suggested razing Savannah in order to discourage further insurrectionist activity, a plan which the American-born John Smith was less than enthusiastic about. Immediately before leaving for Berlin, Smith instructed Raeder to cancel plans to destroy the city.