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"Mauvaise Foi" is the fifth episode of Season Four of The Man in the High Castle, and the thirty-fifth episode of the series overall. This episode, along with the rest of the season, was made available for streaming on Amazon Video on November 15th, 2019.


John Smith is forced to confront the choices he’s made. The Empire attempts secret peace talks with the BCR. Kido arrests a traitor, threatening to divide the Japanese against themselves. Helen is assigned a new security minder. Juliana reunites with Wyatt to plan the fall of the American Reich.


In 1946, in the wake of the United States' surrender to Nazi Germany, John Smith, along with close military peers, Bill Whitcroft, and Daniel Levine listen to the Voice of the Reich which announces the new Nazi government coming to power. John's wife and newborn son, Thomas, are starving since the country's fall. Their commanding officer, Colonel Bolden, visits them but now wearing a swastika armband. He delivers them much needed food and then puts spare armbands on the table, suggesting they join the Reich's ranks now or suffer reprisals. They only have one night to decide before leaving. Bill is willing if it means they could one day take back their country, but Danny wants to fight the Nazis now but John points out it's foolish after witnessing the devastating power of the Nazis' nuclear bomb, and he openly submits to the occupation, leaving Danny to fend and protect himself and his family alone due to their Jewish heritage.

John makes his way to his alt-world family in Bailey's Crossroads, Pennsylvania. He quickly grows fond of alt-world Helen before finally getting the chance to meet Thomas. Overwhelmed by emotion, John hugs the confused Thomas and asks to join him at the table so that he can bond with him once again.

Equiano Hampton arrives at Bell Mallory's BCR hideout after receiving an agreement from Admiral Inokuchi to negotiate peace talks. Equiano intends to meet with the Admiral despite the risk. Admiral Inokuchi arrives at the Moraga Bay Area during the cover of night, where the BCR are expecting him. Inokuchi is brought into a room to begin discussion with Equiano alone. Knowing Japan's crumbling control over its colonies, Equiano demands that the BCR be offered territorial autonomy, but Inokuchi is not in a position to offer his demands, so Equiano suggests that Inokuchi deliver his demands to the Crown Princess and that the Kempeitai stop rounding up his people so that the ceasefire holds. The two go their separate ways, Equiano shares his trust for Inokuchi to Bell and Elijah but is suddenly shot dead by a sniper. Inokuchi's accomplices are all shot dead while Bell and Elijah manages to escape. It is revealed that Kido had already discovered Inokuchi's plot to cooperate with the BCR and has him arrested.

Kido delivers the news of Hampton's death and Inokuchi's arrest to General Yamori and Colonel Saito. Kido volunteers to accompany Inokuchi on his trip to Tokyo for his court martial at the Navy, but Yamori decides to have Inokuchi's trial at San Francisco, going against Imperial protocol. Saito congratulates Kido that Hampton's death brought justice to Tagomi, but Kido is still investigating Tagomi's murder in commitment to the Crown Princess's wishes. Saito sees it hypocritical for Kido to continue finding the true assassin when he has committed false arrests and reports before, such as hiding Toru's incident at the Bamboo Palace. Yamori and Saito insist Kido close the case before inviting him to give testimony on Inokuchi's trial.

Elijah has called for an emergency meeting for all leaders of the BCR throughout the JPS but does not reveal the reason. However, Japanese radio broadcasts the news of Equiano Hampton's confirmed death. Bell feels guilty that they were responsible for having their leader killed, but Elijah assures her that Equiano was willing to risk himself. Meanwhile, BCR morale is falling apart when they learn of their leader's death. With the Kempeitai making raids, Leon orders an evacuation of their base. To clear up loose ends, Benjy drags Robert Childan outside to kill him by knife. Robert begs to be spared but with Benjy getting ready to execute him, Robert resorts to reciting a Japanese prayer before his death. Benjy grows merciful and sets Robert free eventually reuniting with Yukiko at his antique store.

Wyatt Price makes it to the bakery in Washington D.C. after learning that Juliana Crain is apparently present. Wyatt travels down to the bomb shelter and is awed seeing Juliana herself, telling Zina and a large crowd about the fates of Nazi high officials after their capture by the Allies and Hitler's suicide; the two eventually reunite and form a relationship. Wyatt and Juliana attend the resistance fighters meeting, discussing plans for the assault on Die Nebenwelt and killing John Smith. Juliana learns that Helen stayed at the Neutral Zone for a year;  this makes her realize that Helen's relationship with John is failing, so she plans to exploit her vulnerability.

Helen learns that John has hired a personal security detail for her from the Staatspolizei. Martha will now accompany Helen on all her trips as her bodyguard whether Helen wants to or not. Meanwhile, John continues to spend time with Thomas at a diner. Thomas uses their time to reveal his intention to enlist for the U.S. Army. John straightforwardly disapproves, claiming he'll likely die in the war. Their discussion is interrupted when the diner falls silent by a negro couple ordering food. The server denies them their meals despite the new civil rights laws enacted. John tells his son not to get involved. White adults discourage the couple's presence, leading to the diner's owner to call for the police and eventually unfairly get the couple escorted out of the diner. Thomas is surprised by his father's demeanor of not being a hero and defending the couple. John expresses his dislike of being a hero in all regards, and that fighting in the Vietnam War and coming back a hero means nothing to have Thomas risk his life. Thomas leaves his father, upset with how unrecognizable he has become.

Back at their home, John tries again to convince his son to not join the army but is interrupted when Helen reminds him it's game day and is expecting a visitor. John grows pale when he opens the door and finds the alt-world Daniel Levine. John can barely focus and apologizes that he's not feeling well, Danny politely decides to leave early. John joins Danny outside, where John expresses his deep guilt to a confused Danny. Danny reassures and hugs his close friend that he has nothing to apologize for before walking away. 

In a flashback, John, a now indoctrinated Nazi military officer, stumbles upon a truck loaded with people. A person inside calls out for his help, revealing to be a captured Danny among dozens of Jews. Danny pleads John to unlock the truck's latch. The truck starts its engine and prepares to drive away. Danny all but screams for his close friend's help, but John regretfully does nothing. Danny's cries fade as the truck goes farther, leaving John feeling guilty for letting his best friend get sent to a concentration camp.

Cast & Characters

Guest Starring
  • Garfield Wilson as Leon
  • Malik McCall as Darius
  • Bzhaun Rhoden as Benjy
  • Nicole Oliver as Zina Parks
  • Cameron Dent as Dwight
  • Douglas Chapman as Colonel Bolden
  • Tunji-Taylor Lewis as Joe
  • Heather-Claire Nortey as Mavis
  • Colby Wilson as Man
  • Colin Corrigan as German SS Sergeant
  • Donovan Cerminara as US Army Corporal
  • Andrew Hedge as Sheriff
  • Gabriel Carter as US Army Private #1
  • Erik Vigil as US Army Private #2
  • Skyler Mowatt as US Army Private #3

Notes & Trivia

  • Alt-Thomas is a Boy Scout and has achieved the rank of Eagle.
  • The title of the episode is French for Bad Faith

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