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A lists of prominent technology used by the Nazis.


Atlantropa project.png

Atlantropa was a project proposed by the Nazis under Martin Heusmann that would have dammed up the Mediterranean along the Gibraltar Strait, creating more land for settlers to colonize.

The project was later scrapped by the Greater Nazi Reich after the arrest and execution of Martin Heusmann.

Die Nebenwelt

Die Nebenwelt.png

Die Nebenwelt is a project run under the auspices of Josef Mengele that aims to discover other dimensions within the multiverse and invade them for the Greater Nazi ReichDie Nebenwelt consisted of a tunnel connected to a series of machines located beneath upstate New York in the American Reich, where the fabric of the space-time continuum was said to be weak.

Initially, Nazi attempts to penetrate the barrier between dimensions using Die Nebenwelt failed due to the fact that travelers between dimensions had to have their counterpart in the alternate reality deceased prior to travel, and a majority of test subjects sent through the tunnel returned as mangled, bloody corpses. However, by 1964, advancements and a further understanding of Die Nebenwelt under the auspices of Mengele allowed Nazi agents to successfully travel into multiple worlds without gruesomely dying. The Nazis used this newfound advantage to plifer other worlds of information, ranging from the cultural to the technological, eventually building a map of the known multiverse. Of particular interest to Mengele was an alternate reality where the Allied Powers won World War II, which the Nazis of the Reich were infiltrating in order to sabotage the nuclear arsenals of the United States and the Soviet Union. 

Heisenberg Device

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 2.22.30 PM.png

The Heisenberg Device is a German version of the American Nuclear Bomb. A Heisenberg Device was used to destroy Washington DC, ending the Second World War in favor of the Axis Powers. In our real-world timeline, it was first used in 1945 to end the Second world war.


Rail transport.png

Monorails were present as elevated transportation in cities such as New York City in the American Reich and in Berlin. The monorails used resemble the Alweg monorails present in Seattle.

Bullet Train

Nazi Bullet train 1.png

High speed, turbine-powered monorail trains were used by the Nazis as fast and efficient travel across the territories. They appear to have been based off Nazi plans for the Breitspurbahn, a broad-gauge high-speed rail network that would have connected occupied Europe.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Oil, first synthesised in 1913, was one of the innovations used to overcome natural oil shortages faced by Germany in World War II.

With low natural oil production and insufficient oil reserves for a prolonged armed conflict, Germany sought to invade and occupy oil-rich areas such as the Soviet caucuses and the Middle-East. Although propaganda boasted highly mechanised infantry, Germany struggled support fully mechanised units due to oil shortages. Wermacht units were often supported by horse-drawn support vehicles even into the late-war. Furthermore, many aircraft, tanks and ground vehicles were unable to be fully utilised.

To address this crippling burden, Germany began experimenting with wood gasifiers, allowing military and civilian petrol vehicles to be fuelled with timber; these were retrofitted to over 500,000 vehicles in Germany alone.

Typically, synthetic oil was synthesised from coal, a resource which Germany had in abundance, however production was not scaled rapidly enough to practically address shortages.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or LSD, was a psychoactive drug utilized by the Nazis to interrogate prisoners. In reality, it was invented by Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann.

Relay Computer

Relay computer of the reich.png

Relay Computers were used by the Nazis as a form of early videotelephony, indicating that Nazi electronics were decades ahead of the real-world 1960s. Heinrich Himmler was known to use relay computers to communicate with allies and subordinates.

Supersonic Jet Plane

Rocket jet planes.png

Supersonic Jet Planes (Book: Lufthansa ME9-E Rocket Ship) were used by the Nazis for rapid travel between cities controlled by the Greater Nazi Reich. The presence of these jets served as a potent symbol of the Germans' technological prowess and superiority, one lamented by the Japanese. The jets seen in the early 1960s resemble the real-life Concorde Jets as well as the less infamous Tupolev Tu-144. Concorde only saw revenue service in 1976.

The TV show references the book title by calling them "rocket ships" although instead of displaying the Lufthansa logo above the Hakenkreuz like was done in real life it omits the logo entirely - writing on the nose of the plane confirms that in this universe an airline called "Reich Air" operates these planes - it is unknown if Lufthansa was renamed or if it is a completely different airline. Out of canon it most likely omits the Lufthansa logo and changes the name to Reich Air as they could not or did not want to get permission from Lufthansa to use it (who would've most likely said no due to it showing they were associated with the Nazis).

In a clip from Season 2 it shows a lone jet passenger plane in the background closely resembles the real life De Havilland Comet. If it is indeed a British aircraft then with the Nazis controlling its territory it is likely that this jet is also operated by the Nazis. It may be used for shorter runways in territories which do not have large airports.

In Season 1 Episode 3 the Crown Prince says "We travel on ocean liners, they travel on rocket ships" which confirms that the Japanese Empire lacks these planes. The Crown Prince's talk about ocean liners is confusing as the Japanese Pacific States has at least one airport as is shown when in Season 1 Episode 1 Trade Minister Tagomi meets with Rudolph Wegener - his plane lands at the Pan Pacific International Airport (the name of this airport can be seen in the background).

Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft

Advanced VTOL.png

The Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft, or VTOL, was used by the Nazis as a troop deployment and strike craft. Several VTOL aircraft were used to destroy the Statue of Liberty as part of the Jahr Null initiative championed by Führer Heinrich Himmler. The VTOL seen in The Man in the High Castle is likely based off the real-life West German Dornier Do 31.