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Lincoln Rockwell International Airport is an airport in New York City. It is named after Reichsmarschall George Lincoln Rockwell.

Real life

In our reality, George Lincoln Rockwell was the founder of the American Nazi Party in 1959, and originally served in the United States Navy from 1939 until 1960 as a naval aviator and flight instructor, obtaining the rank of Commander. He was assassinated August 25, 1967 in Arlington, Virginia, and was sometimes known as the "American Hitler".[1] He was of English and Scottish ancestry from his father, and his mother was of German and Acadian French heritage.

The Lincoln Rockwell Airport is the show's equivalent to the real life JFK International Airport. JFK International was originally called New York International when it opened in 1948 in the New York borough of Queens in New York State, and was renamed in 1963 after the Kennedy assassination.

From the brief scenes showing the airport, it appears to resemble Berlin Tempelhof Airport (1923-2008), especially the long overhead canopy that covers the aircraft terminal where the aircraft park to load and unload passengers.


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