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Real life Lebensborn children.

The Lebensborn Program was a breeding program run by the Greater Nazi Reich with the objective of creating perfect Aryan offspring.  


The program was begun in Nazi Germany in 1935 and managed by the SS. To further it, children were taken from their families in Nazi controlled territory and put into environments designed to foster a good German population. Women judged to have Aryan features were invited into Lebensborn homes where they were encouraged to become breeding partners with suitable SS officers.

Heinrich Himmler wrote:

Lebensborn insignia in the form of a pin affixed to one's clothes

The organisation "Lebensborn e.V." serves the SS leaders in the selection and adoption of qualified children. The organisation "Lebensborn e.V." is under my personal direction, is part of the Race and Settlement Central Bureau of the SS, and has the following obligations:
1. Support racially, biologically and hereditarily valuable families with many children.
2. Placement and care of racially, biologically and hereditarily valuable pregnant women, who, after thorough examination of their and the progenitor's families by the Race and Settlement Central Bureau of the SS, can be expected to produce equally valuable children.
3. Care for the children.
4. Care for the children's mothers.
It is the honorable duty of all leaders of the central bureau to become members of the organisation "Lebensborn e.V.". The application for admission must be filed prior to 23 September 1936.

Notable Lebensborn

Notes & Trivia

  • Any Lebensborn who breaks or disrespects the Reich's law will be sent to re-education. Two of the Lebensborn, who were sent to re-education were Joe Blake and Nicole Dörmer.