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The Kenpeitai (憲兵隊 Kenpeitai, "Military Police Corps") is the military police and secret police branch of the Imperial Japanese Army throughout the Japanese Empire, including the Japanese Pacific States.


The Kenpeitai was formed in 1881. It was inspired by a similar organization in France. 


Much like within the rest of the Japanese Empire, the Kenpeitai also operates and serves as the primary policing and investigative agency within the Japanese Pacific States. The agency has an office in the Nippon Building, and also operates its own larger headquarters in San Francisco

Operationally, the organisation is divided into two primary branches. The first is uniformed, who act as uniformed police officers and liaise with regular troops within the Imperial Japanese Army in maintaining public order and law enforcement. The second is the plainclothes division, who carry out deeper investigative, intelligence-gathering and counter-intelligence operations.

Known Members