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"Kasumi (Through the Mists)" is the eighth episode of Season Three of The Man in the High Castle, and the twenty-eighth episode of the series overall. This episode, along with the rest of the season, was made available for streaming on Amazon Video on October 5th, 2018.


Juliana realizes time might be running out, but recruiting supporters continues to prove challenging. Tagomi finds himself in a dangerous life-or-death struggle. In therapy, Helen Smith crosses a line. Kido pursues his target in the Neutral Zone.


The GNR continues to destroy all historical monuments related to US history. Juliana shows the film of the Allies' victory in WW2 to the residents of St. Theresa's. A physicist tells her that the Nebenwelt blueprint is for a quantum transfer device. If it fails, it will function like an atomic bomb. Juliana says in her memory there was an explosion in the tunnel and the device might have been blown up by someone. Helen Smith has developed feelings for her psychiatrist and makes a pass at him that is rebuffed. He informs Smith. Wyatt buys new papers for Juliana. He suspects that the seller is a Nazi informer and kills him. He brings the papers to Juliana and meets Frank, who is suspicious of his motives. Wyatt tells Juliana that the Nazis killed half his family in Ireland. Sampson confronts Wyatt for dealing with a Nazi informer. Juliana leaves with Wyatt for Lackawanna. Kido removes the squatters from Childan's store and allows him to move back in in recognition for his services to the Japanese Pacific States. Tagomi is attacked by the Lebensborn marksman and defends himself using aikido. Kido goes to the neutral zone to find Frank.

Cast & Characters

Guest Starring
  • Jeremy Schuetze as Klaus Hein
  • Bob Frazer as Danny Carter
  • Christiaan Westerveld as Holt
  • Malcolm Masters as Cameraman
  • Bill Dow as Dr. Eric Zuckereyck
  • Lisa Baran as Beautiful Girl
  • Yuta Takenaka as Kempeitai Investigator
  • Marlie Collins as Chic Club Singer
  • Kirby Morrow as GNR Commanding Officer
  • Anthony Shim as Kempeitai Detective Mishima
  • Paul Dzenkiw as SD Agent Matthews
  • Shauna Johannesen as Sabra Woman
  • James Neate as Jack
  • Eric Breker as SD Agent Farkas
  • Justin Stone as German Stormtrooper
  • Mike Li as Yakuza Man
  • Kevan Ohtsji as Russell Sato
  • Tristan Jensen as Grand Palace Bartender
  • Raphael Kepinski as Jacob
  • Michael Kopsa as Luftwaffe General
  • Montana Moore as Dancer
  • Nadia White as Dancer
  • Aidan Battley as Bar Patron
  • Moishe Teichman as Sabra Elder

Notes & Trivia

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