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"Jahr Null" is the tenth and final episode of Season Three of The Man in the High Castle, and the thirtieth episode of the series overall. This episode, along with the rest of the season, was made available for streaming on Amazon Video on October 5th, 2018.


Juliana's attempt to stop the Nazis lands her in a precarious position. Himmler and John Smith lead a lavish celebration of Year Zero. Amid a series of successes, Smith faces a setback. Kido returns to San Francisco with a prize, performs an act of kindness for a friend. Tagomi makes a difficult decision. Ed returns to San Francisco and reconnects with Children.


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Cast & Characters

Guest Starring
  • Jay Hindle as Technician #1
  • Jeremy Schuetze as Klaus Hein
  • Ari Solomon as Technician #2
  • Thomas Miller as Male Volunteer #1
  • Duncan McLellan as Male Volunteer #2
  • Camille Hollett-French as Female Volunteer #1
  • Meg Heus as Bridget
  • Lorynne Machado as Female Volunteer #2
  • Sean Michael Kuling as Wesley
  • David Stuart as Technician #3
  • Malcolm Masters as Nicole's Cameraman
  • Peter Kelamis as Richie
  • Paul Dzenkiw as SD Agent Matthews
  • James Neate as Jack
  • Michael Kopsa as Luftwaffe General
  • Camden Filtness as Paul
  • Arpad Balogh as Chuck Dolan
  • Glenn Ennis as Jeremy
  • John Innes as Harry

Notes & Trivia

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