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"Hitler Has Only Got One Ball" is the eighth episode of Season Four of The Man in the High Castle, and the thirty-eighth episode of the series overall. This episode, along with the rest of the season, was made available for streaming on Amazon Video on November 15th, 2019.


Juliana’s instincts about Helen are put to the ultimate test. As San Francisco evacuates, Kido goes in search of his son, only to find himself a captive. A letter arrives, forever changing Childan and Yukiko’s lives. The BCR receives an unexpected offer of help from the Yakuza. Abendsen condemns Smith with his final prediction.


One month later, leaders of the Greater Nazi Reich convene at San Francisco with Japanese Pacific States' officials to draw up a treaty that assures no interference from the Nazis as the Japanese leave North America. Admiral Inokuchi settles an agreement with the Reich's oil supply and in return they leave the Black Communist Rebellion's government to deal with a Nazi invasion. After signing the treaty, Reichsmarsall John Smith asks Chief Inspector Kido for any intelligence files on the BCR to which he reveals they've been destroyed. The two bid each other farewell with one last handshake.

A period of evacuation occurs at the JPS, all Japanese migrants are required to board a ship and return back to Japan. Kido heads to his office to ask an officer of Toru Kido's whereabouts. Inokuchi visits Kido, advising him and the Kempeitai to soon board the ships. Kido plans to stay longer as the Kempeitai deal with surging attacks on fleeing Japanese citizens caused by Americans rising up against their occupiers as revenge. Toru is held captive at the Bamboo Palace until he can pay off his debt on the opium drugs to Okami. He is willing to offer his service as a hitman, but Okami wants Toru to bring his father, which he strongly refuses to do. Nevertheless, Okami gives him two days to reconsider.

In the wake of Japan's withdrawal, a growing sentiment of the overthrow of Germany's grip on America emerges among the old generation. J. Edgar Hoover proposes to build an agency that establishes universal surveillance of every GNR citizen in order to suppress ideas of Americanism. John allows Hoover to draw up plans and he leaves to get started. He then asks Bill Whitcroft to secretly scrutinize Hoover's works.

At Gerhardt's, Martha escorts Amy as she wishes to try on dindrl dress. She leaves briefly to pursue Erwin into the men's room after observing him closely following them all day. Martha violently warns Erwin to leave the children alone before returning to Amy. Erwin complies and returns to Harlem to reveal to Juliana, Wyatt, and Ritchie that Helen Smith will return to the clothing store tomorrow. For their main mission, Wyatt offers Ritchie and Erwin a suicide pill in case they get caught by Martha's guards. The group hold a night of joy as Ritchie plays the piano and all sing along to the song "Hitler Has Only Got One Ball".

Hawthorne Abendsen and Caroline spend their time embraced with one another sharing their thoughts on how only in this universe to their knowledge, does Caroline fall in love with Hawthorne. The next night, Hawthorne hears urgent voices from the guards at Caroline's cell. Through his cell's peephole, he learns thatCaroline finally managed to commit suicide and sees her dead body pulled out in a gurney. Heartbroken, he cries for her dead wife. John would later find Hawthorne under medical watch after he too attempted but failed to end his life. John ensures Hawthorne that he has no intentions to let him die. In response, Hawthorne offers a dire warning, declaring him cursed and that he'll suffer as he continues the use of Die Nebenwelt. John leaves Hawthorne's room silently disturbed. When he returns to his office, SS General Wilhelm Goertzmann makes a sudden visit and informs John that he has been summoned to leave for Berlin to join discussions on the invasion of the West Coast.

Robert Childan is shocked to receive a letter of transit allowing him to travel to Japan, personally given by the Crown Princess. Yukiko believes they could leave for Japan together despite Robert fearing being seen as an inferior there. Robert decides to cement their relationship when he offers her a ring and asks for marriage, which Yukiko happily accepts. The two arrange the ceremony later at night. Kido arranges a toast for the remaining Kempeitai members to express his pride for their service before they leave for Japan, while Kido himself remains, as his son is still missing. He then learns that the Yakuza has Toru, and agrees to offer the price for his release when Kido visits the Bamboo Palace the following day. As Kido leaves his office, American vigilantes attack him and bring him downstairs. They tie a rope around his neck and plan to hang him out of hate, but BCR members emerge, causing the vigilantes to drop Kido. Not willing to allow any more "lynching", Elijah spares Kido death, but imprisons him at the building's poison gas chamber.

At Gerhardt's, the staatzpolizei guard Helen at the entrance of the dressing room. Erwin passes by and manages to lure Martha away, as a disguised Juliana enters the briefly unguarded dressing room. She wastes no time revealing to Helen that John has been hiding his visit to their dead son Thomas; to prove it to her, she asks Helen to check John's office for films. Helen questions why Juliana would tell her this, to which Juliana offers her a card with an address if Helen is interested to know more. Meanwhile, Martha finally catches up to a fleeing Erwin, tripping on the stairs as he decides to evade capture by consuming the suicide pill. Martha rushes back to alert Helen, but Juliana has already slipped away. As Martha has the staatzpolizei escort her to safety, Helen keeps silent on Juliana's approach.

Bill meets with John at his office, delivering him news that Hoover has targeted John and his family. He shares interrogation tapes of all known affiliates of John's family to him, revealing details about Helen's and their daughters' stay at the Neutral Zone. It's clear that Hoover will bring the tapes during John's arrival at Berlin. Bill suggests that John mutinies and use the GNR's nuclear arsenal to annihilate Germany, assuring that the American Wehrmacht will follow John. John dismisses it and proceeds to face the Reich leaders at Berlin in his own terms, asking Bill to protect his family if plans go awry.

Cast & Characters

Guest Starring
  • Gracyn Shinyei as Amy Smith
  • Garfield Wilson as Leon
  • Michael Hagiwara as Okami
  • Meg Heus as Bridget
  • Benjamin Ratner as Erwin
  • Malik McCall as Darius
  • Jen Oleksiuk as Salesgirl
  • Peter Kelamis as Raunchy Ritchie
  • Alexander J. Baxter as ARBI Agent
  • Reverend Tatsuya Aoki as Buddhist Priest
  • Jan Bos as Medical Officer
  • Anthony Shim as Kempeitai Sergeant

Notes & Trivia

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