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"Hexagram 64" is the first episode of Season Four of The Man in the High Castle, and the thirty-first episode of the series overall. This episode, along with the rest of the season, was made available for streaming on Amazon Video on November 15th, 2019.


Juliana Crain finds herself in a new world. In the wake of an attack on Trade Minister Tagomi, Chief Inspector Kido begins a crackdown against the suspected culprits: the Black Communist Rebellion. John Smith leads a military incursion into the Neutral Zone to capture Wyatt Price and his rebel army. Helen Smith’s new independence is tested as John comes to claim his daughters.


It's 1964, one year has passed and the Crown Princess with many high-ranking Japanese officials attends the funeral of Trade Minister Nobusuke Tagomi, after he was suddenly killed by unknown assassins during the Crown Princess visit to San Francisco. In her speech, the Crown Princess draws ire from General Yamori and other military leaders with her ambition to end the violence. She approaches Colonel Takeshi Kido and asks him to identify the people responsible for Tagomi's murder, and that the final report be given to her directly. But once the Crown Princess is out of earshot, Yamori demands that Kido disobey.

At the Neutral Zone in Denver, Wyatt Price's men desperately defend a locomotive loaded with the Man in the High Castle's films from Wehrmacht forces. But with their air cover gone, Luftwaffe helicopters overwhelm their position, and Wyatt is forced by Lemuel Washington to leave the train and his men. In the aftermath, German soldiers line up and execute captured resistance fighters as Reichsmarshall John Smith arrives at the scene and is greeted by his second in command, General Bill Whitcroft. Smith burns the large cache of Wyatt's films. Afterwards, Smith tells Bill he'll be visiting his family, who are now living with Helen's brother, Hank, in Montana.

At the Japanese Headquarters, Kido expresses concern about the Nazi incursion in the Neutral zone and suspects they may have arranged Tagomi's assassination. Yamori shifts the talk of the murder towards the increasing attacks of a negro rebellion in the Japanese Pacific States, known as the Black Communist Rebellion. Yamori wants Kido to cooperate with General Masuda, upon his arrival from Tokyo, to plan a crackdown. The two proceed toward a meeting with the Crown Princess. Yamori urges the Crown Princess to return to Tokyo due to threat of the BCR but she refuses to leave until the assassins are found. After the Crown Princess leaves, Yamori smears Admiral Inokuchi for siding with the Crown Princess's views. Inokuchi justifies that the withdrawal of the JPS is imminent as Chinese forces continue to advance in Manchuria. But Yamori adamantly claims they'll hold as long as he lives.

Bell Mallory enters a ghetto checkpoint of San Francisco where Japanese guards inspect all their belongings. Bell passes inspection when the guards learn she is just a nanny carrying a baby in a stroller. Once she finds a safe spot, members of the BCR quickly smuggle out the hidden munitions inside the stroller. She returns to her apartment with her partner Elijah, where they begin assembling the smuggled rifles but quickly have to hide them when they hear an incoming inspection of the Kempeitai. All black males of the ghetto are forced to line up. The Kempeitai demand any knowledge about Tagomi's assassination, but when no one answers, the officer selects several black males to be taken away. Elijah is almost chosen before the officer decides to select the one next to him. The Kempeitai threatens that the selected black males will not return unless information is given up about the assassination. Despite the crackdown, Bell and Elijah remains steadfast to continue their resistance.

After the loss of many of his fighters, Wyatt loses hope for continuing the resistance against the Reich any further, but Lem persuades him to continue fighting. Wyatt requests that Lem help him broker a meeting with the BCR to acquire more weapons despite the BCR's distrust of any Caucasian person including that he'll only fight the Japanese Empire.

In the alternate world of Virginia, U.S.A., Juliana Crain now works as a waitress and is befriended by Russ Gilmore, who is attracted to her. Juliana then teaches Aikido to young children, where Thomas is her student. During a meditation lesson, Juliana's subconscious is transported to a desert realm where she finds Tagomi's apparition, where he draws her an I Ching symbol in the sand before disintegrating. Juliana is then brought back, as Helen and Thomas wake her up after being lost in meditation for hours. Later on, Juliana resumes the meditation again and is brought back to the empty landscape. As she wanders, she finds the shadows of unknown people emerging from all directions before waking up. She manages to find a book about I Ching and the symbol refers to Hexagram 64, meaning "Not yet complete".

The Kempeitai conduct a raid on the warehouse of a black man named Mingus Jones, led by Captain Ijima. Mingus professes innocence as he was only an illegal supplier of penicillin and not a BCR member. However, Captain Ijima apparently finds a Chinese Type 54 pistol in his drawer and a copy of the autobiography of Equiano Hampton, the leader of the BCR. Ijima brutally interrogates Mingus for a confession, while Kido's son, Corporal Toru Kido, begins to tremble as he watches the beating. Seeing this, Kido allows him to be excused. At night, Kido returns to his home where he joins his son in the living room to watch a baseball game. Kido understands his son's reaction earlier as it is common for recruits to have trouble at the sight of blood, unaware that Toru is showing signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. Kido reminds Toru to wear his medal on his uniform for his upcoming interview the next day with the Division Chief.

As John arrives unannounced at Hank's farm, he is invited for dinner while SS soldiers guard outside. Smith excuses his daughters to their rooms as he prepares to talk with Helen. Smith asks Helen and the daughters to finally return home, but Helen no longer wants to after the Reich brainwashed and euthanized their son Thomas, as well as her fear that her daughters are beginning to realize the Reich's crimes after a year of listening to resistance radio. Rejected, Smith asks their daughters to begin packing for their return home. Helen bids farewell to her daughters as she is powerless to stop John from taking them back to New York. Smith and his daughters board the aircraft, while Helen tearfully watches it fly off.

Cast & Characters

Guest Starring
  • Gracyn Shinyei as Amy Smith
  • Genea Charpentier as Jennifer Smith
  • Mayumi Yoshida as Crown Princess
  • Garfield Wilson as Leon
  • Aaron Pearl as Hank McCraie
  • Peter Shinkoda as Kazu Hirano
  • Alexander Soto as Pablo
  • Namgyu Gwon as Blasé Kampeitai Soldier
  • Kesler Tabot as Bobby
  • Eric Mazimpaka as Tenement Man #1
  • Kheon Clarke as Tenement Man #2
  • Celia Aloma as Tenement Wife #1
  • Wonser De-Gbon as Tenement Wife #2
  • Gabriel Jacob-Cross as Tenement Child
  • Kayla Deorksen as Skater Girl's Mother
  • James Haruo Saito as Imperial Army Officer
  • Moishe Teichman as Sabra Elder

Notes & Trivia

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