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"Every Door Out..." is the second episode of Season Four of The Man in the High Castle, and the thirty-second episode of the series overall. This episode, along with the rest of the season, was made available for streaming on Amazon Video on November 15th, 2019.


John Smith receives key intelligence from his officers at the Die Nebenwelt complex, while back at home he struggles with the changing dynamics of his family. Bell Mallory and the BCR join forces with Wyatt Price’s rebels. Kido tries to bond with his estranged son, Toru. Childan makes a connection with his Japanese assistant. Juliana discovers an enemy in one world can be a friend in another.


In 1961, Elijah invites Bell to a secret party gathering of black people. Bell is fascinated to see banned music and books being present, smuggled by the Black Communist Rebellion. They all proceed to a congregation as their leader Equiano Hampton preaches. He shares the loss of his wife and daughter to the Nazis which spurs everyone to share also the names of the love ones they lost throughout Nazi concentration camps in America, including Bell's parents. Equiano asks those willing to join the BCR's fight, to which Bell is the first to step forward before everyone else follows her lead.

Dr. Josef Mengele informs John Smith of their progress of sending Nazi undercover agents through Die Nebenwelt, where they have mined the alternate world of their technological capabilities. Josef emphasizes the advancements the Americans and Russians have made on their nuclear arsenal, but has ensured that the alt-word remain unaware of a multiverse by eliminating the alt-word's academics who study it. Thanks to Hawthorne Abendsen, Josef has managed to create a model of a multiverse map, where they are currently traveling at a universe where the Axis lost World War II. Agent Campbell brings John Smith a report about his alt-world counterpart, where he learns that he is an insurance sales agent and that Thomas is his only child. In one of the photos taken, Smith learns that Juliana Crain is living near his counterpart.

Juliana joins Russ at an evening party at a diner. They are later joined by alt-world John and Helen Smith. When the music sets up a slow dance, Helen drags Russ to dance with her, leaving Juliana to dance with John. John brings up the day they found Juliana shot in the street and is willing to assist her in identifying the shooter. Juliana grows uncomfortable and thanks John for the dance, before abruptly calling Russ to drive her home. Russ's car radio broadcasts a news report about Leo Zakarian, an American nuclear scientist, who has unexpectedly died from a heart attack. Juliana knows that Zakarian's death and the failed rocket launches the past weeks were sabotage attempts made by the Nazis. She shares this to Russ but does not mention who is responsible.

Lem manages to bring Wyatt for a meeting with the BCR's leaders. Though most distrust Wyatt immediately because of his skin, Bell proposes that they use Wyatt's men to take lead on an assassination attempt in order to supply them with their munitions.  The BCR learns that General Masuda will arrive in a couple of days to oversee the destruction of their movement. Wyatt's team is tasked to kill Masuda, Kido, and two defense ministers that would all be attending an art auction gallery of American artworks and relics, hosted by Robert Childan in a couple of days. To infiltrate the gallery's interior, Wyatt's team pose as caterers for the auction and gets hired by Robert. But Robert immediately asks them to leave, when his assistant, Yukiko, informs him that the Crown Princess will be visiting his shop.

Jennifer returns to her school, but ever since Jahr Null, the curriculum and her classmates have changed. In her literature class, she realizes all the students now wear armbands and is fortunate enough to be given a spare by her classmate, Henry Iver. One student questions her teacher about Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, where the author seems to imply that the Jewish character is "human" and that the book shouldn't be studied. The teacher obliges in fear and commends her for the correction. Jennifer later brings Henry to study at her parent's living room. She confesses to him that she lived in the Neutral Zone for the past year and has Henry listen to a Blues music record she secretly brought home. The two dance together before Amy takes the record and hurriedly retreats to her room so she can tell her father about it. Smith arrives and has Amy give her the record, while Jennifer is ordered to wait in her father's office. Amy claims her action was right as she is being taught to report anything bad even if they were relatives. Smith lies to her that the record was evidence for a case for the Gestapo and convinces her that Jennifer didn't bring it. As for Jennifer, Smith scolds her for bringing such a life-threatening material back home. Jennifer later sneaks out of her room in the night to call for her mother, while Smith listens from behind. Jennifer cries out for her mother, desperate to flee the Reich and go and live with her in the farm.

Kido informs Yamori that Mingus Jones has died during the interrogation but is continuing the search for other co-conspirators. Yamori, however, wants the investigation closed and that Mingus Jones be revealed to the public as the assassin. Meanwhile, Toru is dressed in his uniform in preparation for his interview and is about to pin his kinshi kunsho medal in his uniform, only for him to quickly put it back as he begins to suffer from PTSD. At the Presidio, Kido halts Wyatt and Jeremy of dragging a long American barbecue grill and is ordered to take it apart for inspection but finds nothing suspicious. As the caterers set up food, Kido scrutinizes for any suspicious activity. Bell and a BCR member manages to smuggle weapons undetected by hiding it inside a pig's belly. Kido has to leave early after receiving news that his son never attended his interview. He finds his son at home asks his absence for the interview. Toru tries to explain that he lack the strength to attend. Kido reassures him that his service in Manchuria earned him that medal and reminds him again to wear it for tomorrow's interview, overlooking his son's deteriorating mental health.

Robert and Yukiko begin to grow closer together after Robert shares his terrifying experience of the occupation as a child and now being visited by the Crown Princess, and Yukiko expressing her pride in working for Robert by offering him tea. After Elijah and Bell make love, Bell wishes for a day to have children of their own one day but Elijah makes her remember that they can't raise children in the world they live in now. The couple share strong hopes of their mission tomorrow that will get them closer to achieving victory over the Japanese. John Smith finishes reading Amy a bedtime story. But before he can leave, Amy questions his father about his experience with black people and why they can't live at Nazi America. Smith affirms that they all returned to Africa to work for the Reich before she finally goes to sleep. When Smith prepares to bid goodnight to Jennifer, she overhead their conversation and knows his father lied about what really happened to them.

Juliana Crain is awoken when he hears a car door closing outside of her house. When she looks through a window, a car is parked outside and reveals that she's being watched by Nazi agents. She opens the lights to make sure, causing the man to start his vehicle and drives away into the night before Juliana can get a clear look of him.

Cast & Characters

Guest Starring
  • Clé Bennett as Elijah
  • David Harewood as Equiano Hampton
  • Rick Worthy as Lemuel Washington
  • Rich Ting as Captain Iijima
  • John Hans Tester as Josef Mengele
  • Sen Mitsuji as Toru Kido
  • David Sakurai as Colonel Saito
  • Bruce Locke as General Yamori
  • Eijiro Ozaki as Admiral Inokuchi
  • Carter MacIntyre as Russ Gilmore
  • Glenn Ennis as Jeremy
  • Cody Ray Thompson as Agent Campbell
  • Chika Kanamoto as Yukiko
  • Gracyn Shinyei as Amy Smith
  • Genea Charpentier as Jennifer Smith
  • Mayumi Yoshida as Crown Princess
  • Alex Barima as Oscar Watsom
  • Peter Shinkoda as Kazu Hirano
  • Cory Grüter-Andrew as Henry Iver
  • Zara Smith as Tracy
  • Laura Drummond as Mrs. Vick
  • Natalie von Rotsburg as Older Female Guest
  • Forrest Rozitis as Male Student
  • Wade Sun as Army Soldier
  • Janet Glassford as Dairy Woman
  • Eric Yue as Farmer
  • Herbert Duncanson as Guest
  • Austin Miklautsch as Weltkommando #1
  • Genevieve Brock as Weltkommando #2
  • Paul Puzsella as Roadhouse Friend #1
  • Sarah Perkonlg as Roadhouse Friend #2
  • Sherise Graham as BCR Member #5
  • Alfred Anderson as BCR Member #1
  • Holly Arthur as BCR Member #2
  • Terry Williams as BCR Member #3
  • Allyson Macdougal as BCR Member #4
  • Wei Chung as Imperial Soldier
  • Julia Ganswind as Friend & Dancer

Notes & Trivia

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