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Canon City is a city in the Neutral Zone, acting as a safe haven for many of those escaping the tyranny and discrimination of the Reich or the oppression of the Japanese Empire.


Juliana and Joe Blake walk in Canon City.

The town has or has had many businesses operating in its area, such as Carl's bookstore and the Sunrise Diner, owned by Lemuel Washington. It also had a theater at some point, which has since been shut down. The town was also home to a Mining industry, which is presumed to have closed down when the Nazis invaded. One shaft was used by the "Origami Man" to extract information from a woman named Linda via torture. There is also a Dam nearby, where the "Origami Man" was pushed to his death by Juliana Crain.

A bounty hunter who works for the Reich, known as The Marshal, comes there to do the Reich's dirty business. The Marshal is ruthless and will stop at nothing to complete his task.

There are numerous anti-fascist and anti-Imperial propaganda posters scattered about the town, obviously leftover from the war.

Notes & Trivia

  • The town is based on the real life "Cañon City" in Colorado but was actually filmed in Roslyn Washington and has a significantly different flora and climate than the real Canon City.