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Hathomirr Hathomirr 16 November 2019

Attempting to cut back on some of the external historical information...

Hey there, fellow wiki contributors. I don't know how many will end up seeing this, but I wanted to address it nonetheless.

Now that we've come to the end of the series, I'd like to start putting a little more focus on article revision, finalizing the wikis organization and layout, directing attention to stub articles, and general cleaning up. Since the final season has just been released, I'd rather hold off on cracking down on these things until more viewers have caught up and the edit rush has died down (perhaps some point early in the new year), but there's one thing I'd like bring up for the moment.

One of the main things I've wanted to remain consistent about since I joined the wiki was the separation of the information within the seri…

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Hathomirr Hathomirr 3 February 2017

New Format and Cleaning Up

Hello all! I've just been given adoption rights to this wiki, and have spent the last hour or so giving the theme a much needed overhaul, as well as taking care of cleaning up the large backlog of duplicate images and unnecessary articles and spam.

This place still needs a lot of work and organization, and the best thing to do right now would be to continue filling in existing articles with the appropriate information. I've created the beginnings of a Policies page for editing, and would appreciate any sort of feedback or ideas that I could add to it. The biggest issues I've seen thus far are speculation in the articles (which should only be in the comments sections), and creating unneeded pages (articles for minor characters who contribute…

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Hathomirr Hathomirr 20 January 2017

Wiki Adoption

I've been following this series shortly after its initial release and decided to start helping out around here. Since the only admin here hasn't been active in a while, I was planning on submitting an adoption request for this wiki within the week (after some more editing) and was wondering if any other active contributors had any input on my request.

The wiki itself could use a lot of cleaning up, mostly with duplicate articles and images, as well as template reformatting and updating the categorization around here (I've also noticed some recent vandalism as well, which needs better management).

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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MoonlitShadowsoftheHumanSoul MoonlitShadowsoftheHumanSoul 18 December 2016

Character Series Organization

So the character pages need some work, and I have two ideas for how to organize what they do during the series. First we can do something like:

  • 1 Biography
    • 1.1 Early Life
  • 2 Season One
    • 2.1 A New World
    • 2.2 Ep 2
  • 3 Biography
    • 3.1 Early Life
  • 4 Season One
    • 4.1 Encountering the Resistance
    • 4.2 Canon City

Info here

Info here

Info here, etc.

Going more episode by episode Or we can do a more Arrowverse wiki style (Juliana Crain example)

Info here

Info here

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DavidNYC DavidNYC 30 November 2015

Proposal for addressing cross-platform content

I'd like to suggest an approach for handling material that differs between the show and the book (or that is expanded upon in the book). The best approach I have seen comes from the Game of Thrones wiki, which uses the TV show as its chief point of reference. Then, where appropriate, it adds material from the books, in a section in each article generally called "In the books." (Here's an example.)

I think this is a smart way of doing things, and I think we should follow it here. Most folks who visit this wiki will do so out of interest in the show, so that's our obvious focal point. But where it's helpful, we should include information from the book. As an example, I've preliminarily done so on the page for The Grasshopper Lies Heavy.

On a r…

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