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The American Resistance, also referred to as the Rebels and previously known as the Rebel American Army, is a network of freedom fighters operating throughout the Neutral Zone, the Pacific States of America, and Nazi America.



The United States and Allied powers surrendered in the Second World War against the Axis Powers, with the US government capitulating as a result of the Atomic Bombing of Washington D.C. in 1945.

With official government forces having surrendered, the resistance started with the formation of the Rebel American Army, a self described "bunch of rejects" from all corners of the country, who pledged to remain fighting and prevent the advancement and occupation from both the Japanese Empire and the Greater Nazi Reich.

1945-47 Campaign

Several large scale conflicts took place during the RAA campaign against the invading and occupying forces. This included the Battle of Dayton, in which film and television actor John Wayne was killed, and a large scale incident in the Ohio city of Cincinnati.

Although lasting two years, the efforts of the Rebel American Amy ultimately failed and eventually collapsed. Adolf Hitler declared on September 18th, 1947 that the last of the rebel forces had been crushed, and the Greater Nazi Reich had consolidated complete control of the region that would later become Nazi America. This day would later become known and celebrated as VA Day.

Post 1947

After the official defeat, surviving members of the RAA simply became known as the Resistance. Even though Germany and Japan rule America with an iron fist via Nazi America and Pacific States of America, the Resistance operates secretly and carefully underground and undercover, mostly in the Neutral Zone.


Assassination Attempt on Obergruppenführer John Smith

The Resistance, possibly aided by Nazi Connolly, made an assassination attempt against SS Obergruppenführer John Smith in 1962, killing Smith's driver and severely wounding SS officer Erich Raeder. Smith was only slightly wounded and managed to kill all but one of the attackers. Smith captured the last attacker alive. It was later revealed that the Resistance was supported by Reinhard Heydrich in order to get SS Obergruppenführer John Smith out of the way for Martin Heusmann's grand plan of domination of the Reich. 

Attack on the Kempeitai

The Resistance began their attack on the Kempeitai, by shooting them and bombing their headquarters in San Francisco.

The Uprising in the American Reich

The Death of Adolf Hitler was exposed by the Resistance members, when they kidnapped Lucy and threatened her husband Henry Collins, who was then forced to reveal Hitler's death on television. Hitler's exposed death caused the uprisings in Nazi America, including the rebellion in Savannah, Georgia.

Assassination Attempt on Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler

Due to the Nazi event, known as the "Jahr Null" or Year Zero, in Nazi America, the Resistance members, led by Wyatt Price, retaliates by attempting to assassinate Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler, who was shot and severely wounded in New York City. In the aftermath, he was taken to the hospital by ambulance and was later in surgery. It is unknown if Himmler will survive or die in process, in which case, the leadership of the Reich is in question.

Resistance Radio

Resistance Radio is an underground radio station run by the American Resistance based within the Neutral Zone. Resistance Radio broadcasts its message of anti-Nazi/anti-Japanese occupation of America and resistance. Resistance Radio anchors often play songs and stories related to the occupation to mock both the Nazis and the Japanese.

Known Members


Notes & Trivia

  • The American Resistance is shown with a variety of firearms, mainly US weapons that by 1962 would have been considered outdated. Resistance members are equipped with Thompson sub-machine guns, both the M1A1 and earlier variant M1928A1, Winchester Model 12 Shotguns, M1 Carbines and Colt M1911s. Very likely the Resistance has to make do with what was left over from the war and do not have access to more modern firearms. However, by Season 3, the Resistance is to have also started using Heckler & Koch MP5A3 sub-machine guns, possibly due to increased resistance activities against German troops and re-using weapons dropped by the opposing force.